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Laughing Dog Teeth & Gums Dental -125g

Laughing Dog Teeth & Gums Dental -125g

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Delicious treats jam packed with flavours. Our unique shape helps to
keep teeth clean. No fillers or nasties. Made with natural ingredients
Citrus extract – citrus bioflavonoids help reduce the number of
periodontal disease-causing microorganisms.
Mint – helps keep breath fresh and maintains a healthy digestive
Parsley – a natural source of vitamin k and can help settle tummies.
Cellulose fibre – helps give an extra crunch to the treat to aid with the
removal of plaque from teeth and gums.

Sweet Potato Flour, Potato Starch, Chicken Meal, Linseed, Poultry Fat,
Cellulose Fibre (1.5%), Chicken Gravy, Mint (0.25%), Chicory, Citrus
Extract (0.15%), Parsley (0.05%), Couch Grass, Seaweed, Nettle.