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Relaxopet Pro
Relaxopet Pro
Relaxopet Pro
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Relaxopet Pro

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End thunderstorm fear, separation anxiety, jumping, constant barking and more!

RelaxoPet is the ideal solution for influencing a Dog's brain and the stress reaction stored in it in a subtle and hardly noticeable way – even preventively.

Relaxopet is a compact sound module that provides high-frequency vibrations for deep relaxation in dogs.  RelaxoPet is an animal relaxation trainer via an individual sound carrier track, which is exactly matched to the respective sense of hearing of dogs. These vibrations are barely perceptible to the human ear but are highly effective on the animal’s subconscious. It has never been easier to create a direct and unconscious deep relaxation in a dog.


Relaxopet Animal Relaxation Trainer at a glance:

Loud Speaker for great surround sound

Integrated sound wave electronics with audible and inaudible sound waves

15 volume settings

High quality LI battery technology | wireless

Suitable for Indoor and outdoor use.


  • Audible / inaudible sound waves
  • Battery USB Flat charging cable
  • PRO timer Function (4H / infinity)
  • NOISE-MOTION feature
  • 3-fold battery indicator Power indicator
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Quick Reference Guide

Can be used to help with the following:

Aggressiveness, Anxiety, Settling in a rescue dog,destructive behaviour, Fireworks and Thunderstorm sensitivity hyperactivity, lack of socialisation , Vet visits, travel anxiety, separation anxiety, constant barking.